Hi, I’m Evert Timberg

I’m a software developer in Toronto.

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Hi, I’m Evert Timberg. I’m a software developer living in Toronto, Canada.

I am currently a Principal Developer at Top Hat where I’m working to improve the lives of post-secondary students by changing how digital textbooks and courseware are delivered. At Top Hat, I support a number of development teams by guiding them to build sustainable services using Python, React, and Cloud Native technologies.

Prior to Top hat, I was a Principal Architect at Opus One Solutions where I developed software to help electrical utilities integrate renewable resources into the grid. Prior to that, I worked for National Instruments as a Software Developer. I started at NI soon after graduating from the University of Toronto in 2013 with a BASc in Electrical Engineering.

Since December of 2014, I have been a maintainer of Chart.js. In that time I’ve been responsible for creating and architecting the version 2 and 3 updates. That work has translated into a very successful series of releases and have led many people to pick Chart.js for their applications. If you’ve found value in my work, I’d appreciate support via GitHub Sponsors.




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Oct 11, 2021

Thoughts on Redux

Redux is a state management library that is commonly used in React apps. Redux was created in 2015 and almost immediately became a common sight in React apps. This may have been due to the fact that many of the React docs assumed that Redux was installed along with the popularity of boilerplates that included Redux by default. As a result of this, many front-end developers including myself, incorrectly assumed that React had to be used with Redux. Read more
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To contact me, email me at evert [at] everttimberg.io or send me an invitation to connect on social media.

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