Reflecting on Chart.js in 2016

Chart.js has had an incredible last year. In April, we successfully launched v2.0 culminating a year and a half of hard work. We’ve had a number of smaller releases after that, each of which has helped build on the incredible interactivity that comes standard in v2. We also released our first new chart type in a long time; the horizontal bar chart. This was a long sought request, that fit in well with the work we did in v2.

Coupled with this work, we saw a dramatic increase in use this year, with monthly NPM installs going from ~20k to over 200k per month. It’s amazing and humbling to see so many users choosing Chart.js for their projects.

The data in the above chart is from NPM Stat

2017 Roadmap

In 2017, we are committed to working on improving the ability to run Chart.js in an environment other than the browser. In version 2.5, we will have factored out the browser specific events into a removable piece known as a platform. With this change, it will be possible to create a build that runs in a JavaScript environment that does not have the DOM APIs.

We have also committed to improving our documentation. We are working on creating auto-generated documentation so that we can have the latest dev docs auto update when new commits are added. This will allow us to be more responsive to user feedback and ensure timely corrections when the docs have errors.

Overall, 2017 is shaping up to be a great year for Chart.js. Have a safe and happy new year!